WCP Life Solutions
Moving from Challenge & Conflict to Successful Communication (4-5 hr.)

This full training allows for one to understand basic reasons for conflict as well as discover their natural style of dealing with conflict and its effectiveness.  Issues of Communication, personal needs and dynamics are


How to Manage & Mediate Conflict: Knowing Your Conflict Management Style (2 hr.)

This training focuses specifically discovering our individual conflict style.  Includes an understanding of other styles and building on our weaknesses as we work together.  Trainings include a period of role play to practice new skills and learnings.


How to Manage & Mediate Conflict 2: Using Active Listening for Effective Communication (2 hr.)

An in-depth study of active listening as a powerful tool for mitigating conflict or working through conflict more effectively.  Includes role play.


Proactive Process: Using Conflict to Build Team Effectiveness (2 hr.)

This opens up the professional growth process and what drives professionals to succeed.  Ideas such as pro-active debate (conflict) and effectively utilizing its dynamics to grow our team lead to unexpected creativity and synergy.


Active Listening: Therapeutic Communication tools for Senior, Palliative & Hospice Care (3 hr.)

Active listening as a tool for more effectively working with clients, patients and families within the therapeutic setting of higher level senior living settings and hospice.  Puts the skills of Active Listening which is all about seeking information, in touch with the heart of the caregiver/professional.

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