WCP Life Solutions
Stuck in the Middle: Conflict Resolution for Families and Professionals (1 hr.)

Too often we find ourselves caught in the crosshairs of conflict.  How do we recognize conflict as it begins to escalate and what are some ways to make sure we get out “safely”?


Mediation 101 for Elder Care (1 hr.)

This is an introductory look at mediation and its usefulness in a variety of settings within the eldercare industry.  The spectrum of family and agency conflict to inter-agency conflict is discussed.


Mediation Strategies for Eldercare Professionals (1 hr.)

Building upon Mediation 101, a more in-depth look at mediation skills and their use within the senior care industry.


Honoring Aging Parents (1 hr.)

Adult children struggle with the decisions which need to be made when the tables start to turn and one fears the necessity to parent our parents.  This presentation demystifies some of the areas children need to be aware of; and clarifies the idea of parenting our parents or on the other side of our parents fearing being parented by their children.


Creating Family Peace in Times of Turmoil (1 hr.)

A review of family dynamics, values, and basic conflict dynamics inform us as to the various challenges families face.  Some basic mediation principles help us to help some situations get back on track and stay focused on the highest common denominator.


Understanding Workplace Conflict (1 hr.)

Developed for business alliance groups and chambers, this topic exposes some of the challenges Conflict can bring to the workplace and the result that unrestrained conflict poses to the success of teams and/or the business environment.


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