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Caregiving for the Family Caregiver (1 hr.)

The role of a family caregiver is challenging with pressures from all sides.  Furthermore, the role can be fraught with guilt, sadness and a multitude of other emotions. How do we look at things realistically and take the steps necessary for self-care?


Pre-Grieving Loved Ones with Dementia (1 hr.)

Built upon the Kubler-Ross stages of grief spouses, caregivers and families go through as they see a loved one progress through their disease.


Knowing the True Cost for Spouse Caregivers (1 hr.)

The caregiving role that spouses take on is often especially taxing.  Statistics related to spousal caregivers paint a difficult picture.  This is a deep look at the various challenges such a role brings.


The Key to Getting the Keys (1 hr.)

Driving is often our first real freedom, no wonder it is so difficult to get our seniors to let go of something so important to their lives.  This can be a process that is not painful and even enjoyable.


Getting Siblings Involved in the Caregiving Process (1 hr.)

One of the greatest challenges to caregivers is their relationship with other siblings.  Too often the caregiver is left doing everything.  How can family step in to make this type of care for our loved one’s last, and remain a strong option; or sustainable when it is the only option.


Helping the Family Caregiver Create Peace (1 hr.)

The family caregiver role is challenging, even more so when there is conflict.  Communication skills and conflict management skills serve as way to more effectively communicate the caregiver’s needs and get the family on track to improve long term outcomes.

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